about Working with Real Estate Agents

Working with Real Estate Agents is a disclosure form all Realtors in the state of NC are required to discuss with clients at first substantial contact.

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We live in a wonderful part of the USA. North Carolina wants the buyer and seller to know all their choices of how they can be represented in a real estate transaction. Basically, clients may choose:

  • Exclusive Representation:>A seller can select exclusive representation and a buyer may select exclusive representation. Both the broker and the firm represent only one client in the transaction, to the exclusion of all others.

  • Dual Agency: The firm and its agent may represent both the buyer and seller in the transaction. This is only appropriate when it is agreed to – in writing- by fully informed buyers and sellers. Basically the agent becomes a facilitator in the transition- not giving either party an advantage.

  • Designated Dual Agency: The firm represents both the seller and buyer via one agent designated exclusively as the seller’s agent, and another agent designated exclusive as the buyer’s agent, with each agent representing only the interests of the designated client

Buyer Agency Can Benefit You

When an exclusive buyer agency relationship exists between you and me, you are entitled to special fiduciary client level services. With buyer agency, your interests will be represented in the purchase of your home. This is different from a typical sub-agency transaction where the buyer is not technically represented. Agency is a legal relationship and a written agreement should be completed to explain all the duties and responsibilities. In order to give the best possible service, I only work with a select number of clients. Once you and I complete the Exclusive Right to Represent Buyer Agreement is completed, I can allocate full resources in order to find your home.

Balanced Approach